Jeri Duvall

Missing from Shorewood
Foul Play Suspected
Missing Since June 8, 1990
Age Then: 29
Gender: Female
Race: White
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 110lbs
Hair Color(s):Blonde
Eye Color(s):Blue
Scars: Scar on the right side of her windpipe.

Circumstances and Updates

Jeri Duvall was 29 years old when she went missing from her Shorewood home on June 8, 1990. She was married to Bob Duvall. Their two daughters were staying with their grandparents and when they returned, their mother was missing.

Bob was scratched up, admitted there was an altercation with Jeri but he said she left him. His story, however, did not add up as her car was still at the house, mechanically disabled, her personal belongings were found at the home. Eventually, her children found her ID and other cards in the home.

Bob was the prime suspect and remains so even though he passed away in November 2022.

Bob was involved in concrete work and worked all over Illinois and in parts of Indiana and even Michigan. Police believe he buried her but it could be far away from Shorewood.

The new owners of the Shorewood home, who purchased the home in 1993, have allowed police to search, even letting them do excavation work.

Police did some excavation work many years ago inside their basement near their sump pump, but nothing was found. Another area where the police did a partial excavation, about 15 years ago, was near attached garage over near the backyard garden because at the time of Jeri’s disappearance, the garage did not exist.

Neighbors to the Duvalls reported to the new owners over the years that around the time Jeri disappeared, there was a huge bonfire near where the attached garaged and garden sit now.

After his wife’s disappearance, Bob Duvall moved to Florida and basically cut ties with Illinois. Police have even gone to where he was living in Florida to do further investigation.

If you have any information about Jeri Duvall please call Shorewood PD at 815-725-1460

Case Updates

6/9/2024 – Added that her husband has now passed away and more details into her disappearance.

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