Submit your missing person

Who We Will Post About

  • A person living in Illinois that goes missing anywhere

  • Someone visiting Illinois that goes missing while in Illinois

We make exceptions on a case-by-case basis. For example: if a person was last seen in a town close to Illinois and is believed to be traveling in a vehicle.

What Information We Require

  • Name

  • Current Age

  • Where they went missing from

  • Physical Description

  • Description of Circumstances

  • Date they went missing

  • A missing persons report with a Police agency

  • A photo that is of a size that is renders on a desktop without being too blurry.

  • Contact phone number on post or flyer must be for Law Enforcement

  • We will share a facebook post so you can send us a link to that but we will not share only a screenshot of another missing post or a flyer.

If you fail to include all of the info, we may ignore your request. We do not like to do that but we are volunteers and have limited time to gather information to post.

So please, include it all!

How to submit a missing person

Currently, we only accept via our Facebook page through messenger.