Submit your missing person

Please note: submitting to us, is not the same as filing a missing persons report with the police.  We are not affiliated with law enforcement.

We do require a missing persons report with law enforcement for any person submitted to us.

Who We Will Post About

Residents of Illinois that go missing in Illinois or anywhere in the world.  We also will post about anyone that goes missing in Illinois.

We make exceptions on a case-by-case basis. For example: if a person was last seen in a town close to Illinois and is believed to be traveling in a vehicle.

Types of Cases We DO NOT Accept

We no longer accept parental abduction cases.  There are no exceptions to this policy.


We require:

  • that a missing persons report is on file with law enforcement,
  • a photo (Please note: this must be an actual photo, not a screenshot of a Facebook post)
  • sufficient details (like date they went missing, their name, rough age).

If you fail to include all of the info, we may ignore your request. We do not like to do that but we are volunteers and have limited time to gather information to post.

So please, include it all!

Also that

  • that you (the person filling out the form or sending us the information) be willing to update us if new information comes to light so we can update our posting/listing or when we reach out asking for updates.
We understand that you might be working with different agencies and non-profits and perhaps you may be overwhelmed and not remember to update each organization but if we reach out to check for any updates, we do expect that we will not be met with "contact law enforcement".  We do NOT investigate cases so we do not reach out directly to law enforcement except to potentially verify a missing person report.

Where They Will Be Posted/Listed

If a person has been missing less than 6 months:

  • Facebook Post

If a person has been missing more than 6 months:

  • Facebook Post
  • Listing will be added to our website as well

How to submit a missing person

There are two ways.  First, you can submit via our Facebook page/messenger.  Or you can fill out the form below.


Submit a Missing Person

Submit a Missing Person


Police Report
Be specific. Name the police department, sheriff's office or other law enforcement agency.
Photo of Missing Person
If you don't have one, upload the photo below instead.

Maximum file size: 268.44MB

Updates on the Case

Section to show if no missing report

I'm sorry but we require a police report to be on file, a photo and sufficient details.

If you are having trouble filing a report because Law Enforcement is refusing, under Illinois law, they are required to accept the report almost always if done in person.

Here's a link to the Illinois Missing Person Act (opens in a new window)

We require a photo.
We require that the person submitting provides updates when asked and if possible, if new information comes to light.

Please make sure you Search the database first to avoid duplicate listings.  Thank you.