Missing from Chicago

Vinyette Teague

Missing Since June 25, 1983
Age Then: 1
Age Now: 42
DOB: 12/08/1981
Gender: Female
Race: Black
Height: 2'8"
Weight: 27lbs
Hair Color(s):Black
Eye Color(s):Brown

Circumstances and Updates

Vinyette’s parents went out to a movie and left Vinyette home with family who agreed to watch her. The family lived in a public housing project on the South Side of Chicago.

The family was spending the evening out on the breezeway of the building and coming and going from the apartment. When Vinyette’s grandma received a phone call, she stepped inside to take the call. The next door neighbor was holding Vinyette, set her down in the hallway and went into her own apartment.

That’s the last time Vinyette was seen.

When Vinyette’s parents returned home from the movie, her mother heard the neighbor screaming her name and asking if she had Vinyette. There were police cars on site. Vinyette’s mother ran to a unit on the 7th floor where her mother and mother-in-law were and realized her daughter was missing. They went unit by unit, floor by floor looking for her but there wasn’t any sighting of her.

She has been missing since June 25, 1983.

If you have any information about Vinyette Teague please call Chicago PD at 312-747-5789

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