No Longer Missing

Kristy Moses

Missing Since December 27, 2019
Age Then: -1
Age Now: 4
DOB: 01/19/2020
Gender: Female
Race: Black
Height: 5'1-5'3"
Weight: 145-160lbs
Hair Color(s):Black
Eye Color(s):Brown

Circumstances and Updates

On 01/03/2020, Kristy K. Moses, was reporting missing to the Elgin Police Department. Family members filed the police report. The following was learned, in summary.

Kristy K. Moses is a forty one (41) year old female black who lives at Crestwood Terrace in Crestwood, IL. On or about 12/25/2019, Kristy was checked out of Crestwood Terrace by family for the holidays and she was brought to her sister’s house located in Elgin, Kane County, IL. On 12/27/2019, at approximately 10:30 am, Kristy K. Moses told family she was going to the local Jewel (1660 Larkin Ave, Elgin, Kane County, IL). Kristy left on foot and has not been seen or heard from since. Kristy does not have any of her medication on her person.

The family has indicated that in the past Kristy has exhibited this type of behavior in the past. Kristy will panhandle and live in the street, including going down to Chicago. Kristy does not have a vehicle, does not have a driver’s license, does not have a cell phone, and does not have any debit/credit cards. The family does not believe Kristy has any type of identification with her. Kristy was last seen to be wearing a full length white dress, white shoes, and a short black colored coat. She is also known to wear a winter type hat. Her hair was braided, and she has face scarring from self-peeling and picking.

In reviewing the parking lot video of the Jewel (1660 Larkin Ave, Elgin, Kane County, IL), a person appearing to be Kristy (based on description and clothing) is seen possibly panhandling in the parking lot on 12/27/2019 at approximately 12:26pm, and she is last seen walking off camera in the parking lot. Kristy was not seen on any cameras actually going into the Jewel. Kristy K. Moses is listed in the Law Enforcement Agencies Data System (LEADS) system as missing (as of 01/03/2020).

If you have any information about Kristy Moses please call Elgin PD at 847-289-2700

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