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Keith Liggins

Missing from:

General Information

Missing Since January 1, 1994
Age Then: 26
Age Now: 51
Gender: Male
Race: African American
Height: 5'9-6'0"
Weight: 150-190lbs
Hair Color(s):Black
Eye Color(s):Brown
Tattoos: "skiiball" on left forearm near elbow
Scars: Slash scar under his right eye Scar on his nose, nose broken before

Keith was on drugs real bad the last time his sister saw him. He didn’t look good. She had heard he was stealing to get money for drugs. Family had received a tip later that he had been seen on the North side of Chicago, but they didn’t believe it. They believed he was already deceased at that point. His best friend is deceased, was killed before Keith disappeared.

Chicago PD

Case #: JA253421

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