First Steps

  • File a missing persons report

    Contact a local police agency and file a missing persons report.  Please note that according to State law a police agency may NOT refuse to file a missing persons report done in person for ANY reason.

    See 50 ILCS 722 Missing Persons Identification Act for more information.

  • Register missing person with online databases

    Most online databases require a missing persons report.    Good photos are essential!

    Some examples:

    And don't forget any other non-profits or Facebook pages too, like us of course, but also:

  • Create and/or share info on social media

    Most of the online databases listed above will create a post if you ask about your loved one.  Once that is done, share that across social media outlets.  The more awareness, the better.

  • Contact relevant non-profits that could help in search

    When a loved one is missing, you should let someone else help, if you can, to start working on organizing search parties or creating and handing out flyers.


    If you know of any we should add to the list, do let us know!


Please understand that after the info gets posted online, not all comments are going to be positive.  We wish that were untrue but please focus on:

Providing necessary info to the online databases and correcting any false information out.

Some people just cannot help themselves and will post something negative, no matter the circumstance.  We know it will be hard to do so, but please avoid interacting with the negative people unless you need to do so to correct false information.